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Publishing offers the following modules as an online service. All the modules are connected to deliver a complete solution for magazine publishers.

Sales & CRM

This module deals with handling the clients, leads and other organisations and their contacts. Addresses, phone numbers, web links all the details you need to know. Activities and notes. This is where you enter sales orders, generate contracts and track the status of these things.

There is also a sales dashboard for each salesperson, for easy overview of the sales process. The team leader or sales manager will also find their dashboards and reports to help manage the salespeople and track their progress.

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This module is here to help you find the clients in the first place. Plannning and setting up layouts for newsletters. Scheduling e-blasts. Tracking and following up on campaigns and events. Making extracts from leads and clients database, for easy targeting with campaigns.

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This is were you set up and plan the publications and the available products. Price lists, formats, issue dates. Deadline dates and editorial schedules. Editorial types and formats. In the production workflow module you track the status of ads artwork and send reminders (e-mail). There is also a layout planning module, where each issue of the magazine can be previewed. Use the pagination engine for automatic generation of page numbers.

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Subscribers and subscription is usally a headache for magazine publishers. This module is an efficient painkiller. The subscriber card will collect all the details about each subscriber. Subscription orders, subscription history, gifts, free publications. Back issues. Address, phone, category, source, etc. Payments and credit card handling.

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Generation of distribution batches, for retail, subscribers and advertisers. Side publications. Gift certificates and Merchandise.

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Finance & Billing

Billing of ads from the bookings in the signed contracts. Handling of different billing modes. Billing in advance or monthly billing. Finance reminders (e-mail).

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Portals & Web integration

Hook up to your website for automatic handling of subscription orders. Customer portal, with uploading of artwork and credit card payments, etc.

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Collaboration and Archiving of Documents, Emails and Activities

Integration with each users email acccount for automatic archiving of messages from/to customers or leads. Tracking of reading status for reminder and campaign messages. Easily create corporate letters, faxes and other documents from templates.

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